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Fingerprinting & Enrollment Services
To our IDEMIA customers,
Due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic we are experiencing a temporary reduction in the number of enrollment centers available for fingerprint appointments. We understand that this may result in a temporary inconvenience to our customers due to enrollment center proximity and appointment availability. IDEMIA is committed to providing our services which allow continuity for many critical community and government services, such as healthcare, foster care, and other essential services that protect and serve our population. We ask for your support and understanding as we navigate this challenging time together.

Enrollment Center Health and Wellness

Health and wellness are critical to our ability to provide essential services to the public. If you are feeling sick and have scheduled an appointment with us, we ask that you visit us online or call to reschedule your appointment. Be aware that if you are exhibiting symptoms while at an enrollment center, we may kindly ask to reschedule your appointment. Our staff are trained to sanitize their hands between customer interactions, and to disinfect surfaces that customers come in contact with regularly. In response to the Coronavirus, we have increased cleaning protocols related to high-touch surfaces like door handles, keyboards, counters, chairs, etc. We have directed our team to stay home and see a doctor when they are not feeling well.

Please print the confirmation statement at the end of your enrollment and follow all published safety guidelines we have implemented based on CDC and WHO recommendations.
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